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What Readers Say

An exciting Human-centered Account

Absolute Radio offers an exciting human-centered account of the development of private radio in Ghana’s Western Region and provides insight into the development of private broadcasting in Ghana.
Written with an easy-to-read style, it tells scintillating stories from the perspective of individuals who played a vital role in the development of the industry in this African country.
These individuals narrate stories of the bottlenecks entrepreneurs encounter when starting businesses in a developing country context and how they rely on the goodwill of people in their community to overcome enormous challenges.
The account in Absolute Radio is a must-read for all seeking to understand the historical development of radio in Ghana and the role of altruism, culture, tradition, and governance.”

Julius A Nukpezah, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Administration and Dean’s Eminent Scholar in the College of Arts and Science

Mississippi State University, USA.

One Remarkable Effort

ABSOLUTE RADIO by Phillip Nyakpo is virtually everything RADIO in one remarkable effort. Spare some cash, buy one (buy for your friend), internalise the contents and wink at me later”

Richard Dela Skyy, Broadcaster and Lawyer