A Story, Decades in the Making!

Absolute Radio is the result of a journey that started from Channel 7 Newsroom in Sydney, Australia, to Takoradi’s Skyy Power FM in Ghana, with an amazing group of girls and boys whose passion for radio changed the destiny of a city. Among this creative group, I became a reporter, editor, and anchor, while also reporting for Joy FM in Ghana’s capital, Accra. This was followed by a stint with BBC World Service in London, and finally returning to Australia, the place where it all started.
The research, reflection, and the resulting narration is a deeply moving story made from 70 interviews I conducted across four continents. It is a celebration of entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, talent identification, and acquisition. This is an African story with global footprints; witty, eye-opening, and inspiring.
 “…each of us is likely a complex collection of a billion pieces of memories, both good and bad and somewhere in-between.”
Phillip Nyakpo ~ Author 
The author, Phillip Nyakpo in the newsroom of Channel 7 in Sydney, Australia (1996).

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